Sunday, February 8, 2009


So this past week has been a little rough on our family. It all started when the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl! After the super bowl party Kaden stared feeling sick, by Tuesday he ended up in the ER. Doctor's first thought it was pneumonia but it ended up being a virus that effected Kaden really bad. They finally got his temp down (which was over 103) and got his breathing under control. Kaden was a good sport. After all the fluid they pumped him with he was quit puffy and he though that was pretty funny. While we were there a volunteer come by to lift Kadens spirits with a puppy! When we finally left the ER Kaden was feeling a little better but James and I were not. By Thursday they whole family had gotten sick. Well I am happy to say that we are all recuperating and can't wait to start a new week!

My future Rock Star!

Mason totally gets into it. I thought this was so cute so I had to post it.

Family Fun!

We woke up one Saturday and decided to take the boys out to spend some much needed time together. We took the boys to Build A Bear for the first time. Kaden loved it and can't wait to go back, as for Mason, he just wanted to play! We also took the boy's to their favorite resturant, Johnny Rockets. I have been so busy lately so it was awsome being able to spend the whole day with my 3 boys that i love so much.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well I decided to finally start a blog, now lets see if I can figure it out and actully customize and add photos